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+ Rotman Design Challenge

The Challenge

The Rotman Design Challenge (sponsored by Telus) gave us the task of researching, strategizing and designing a new solution for the future of work. The objective was:


"As the future of work is rapidly changing, how might TELUS develop, attract and retain top talent to achieve this aspiration over the next five years?"

Roles + Responsibilities

As a team of five graduate students from various backgrounds (and countries), we each contributed to the success of the team in different ways. Personally, I served as the project manager, meeting facilitator and copy editor of the team, as well as a presenter + speaker at the Rotman Design Challenge event.

The Process

This project began by defining the project’s scope, creating a research plan and gaining a better understanding of what skills are required of "top talent", and what it means to be "the best place to work" in today’s economy (both in Canada and globally). We then proceeded to secondary research which examined employer best practices for attracting, retaining and developing employees. Our primary research consisted of interviews with subject matter experts, surveys and conversations with Telus employees. We then prototyped our best concepts and asked for feedback to refine our ideas.

Identifying Design Criteria

In order to create meaningful solutions, we had to first develop the criteria for evaluating our solution concepts


We collaborated as a team to sort through all the data we had collected and begin the process of affinitization to discover the underlying insights

Primary Research: Surveying

In order to gather more perspectives, we asked people in the street about their experiences in the workplace

The Insights

After our extensive research process, the insights emerged! We discovered a few surprising things about the needs and desires of "top talent" and about Telus...


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