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Graphic Recording

Transform your meeting or event into an interactive, engaging session that incorporates data visualization, storytelling and illustration. Graphic recording can be used in a variety of settings including meetings, corporate retreats, conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions, design sprints and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graphic Recording? 

Graphic Recording is the art of capturing conversations and translating them into images and text on large sheets of paper during meetings, conferences, staff retreats and any other event! Looking for someone to facilitate your meeting using visuals? I also offer Graphic Facilitation.


What are your rates?

I offer a half-day and full-day rate, plus travel and lodging expenses (if necessary).

Please contact me at (or by using the “Let’s Chat” template at the bottom of the page) to discuss the details of your next event.


What services are included?

Both the half-day and full-day rate includes a pre-event consultation, cost of materials, time spent creating the drawing at your event, the original drawing, high-resolution digital copy of the drawing(s) and follow-up after the event. Need something else included?

Contact me to discuss.

Why hire a graphic recorder?

Graphic recording is an exciting, multi-sensory experience that will allow your group to feel heard, be more engaged and retain far more information than ever before! Here are four compelling reasons to include graphic recording at your next event:


1. Captures insights and details that would otherwise be missed

The final image created in during a graphic recording session serves as a powerful and immensely helpful visual summery of what was discussed and presented. After the event, the original image can be displayed and reflected upon, and the digital copy dispersed to participants!


2. Helps everyone "get on the same page"

Our brains can only hold so much information at a time, getting ideas out of our heads and onto paper allows a group to work more efficiently and effectively. Graphic recording can also bridge communication barriers, and allow for seamless understanding between internal and external stakeholders.


3. Allows everyone to feel heard and included

Graphic Recording has the power to easily mediate conflicting points of view, differing perspectives and capture it all through imagery and text.

4. Increases Dialogue and Creativity

Seeing “big picture” ideas recorded in real-time allows people to recognize patterns, make connections and think on a more holistic scale.

graphic recording

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