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UX Research + Design

Do you want to better understand your customers? Building empathy for people and communities through ethnographic research, and creating services, systems, products, and educational materials to solve problems and improve experiences is what UX Research + Design is all about! Do you want to design an app, website, or digital product? View UI Design Portfolio >

United Sustainable Tomorrow

United Sustainable Tomorrow is an initiative that aims to leverage the principles of Sustainability and strengthen the local Savannah community. We hosted two co-design sessions and a networking event in order to foster connections and conversations between key players. Through our extensive research process, we were able to discover compelling insights about sustainable practices in Savannah.

 Forward Fellowship

The Forward Fellowship was a week-long executive education initiative and partnership between SCAD and Steelcase, for the purpose of exploring design thinking techniques and design research methods. The participants were a highly-diverse group of Steelcase executives from around the world who were eager to learn a new approach to human centered design. I collaborated with four Design Management graduate students and several faculty to develop thought-provoking activities to engage the participants. I also co-facilitated the activities of the workshop for the duration of the event.


Pursuit is a digital platform that prepares creatives to launch successful start-ups through expert guidance and offers unique opportunities for investors and makers to bid on business concepts. Pursuit was created for the purpose of fostering connections between creatives, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and investors, to aid in bringing innovative ideas to life.

Greyston Bakery

Greyson Bakery recognizes the challenges of being a certified B-Corporation, and wanted to increase their level of self-sufficiency and diversify their revenue streams. Through thorough analysis of the factory-produced baked goods industry, we were able to discover compelling insights about the needs and wishes of Greyston employees. Then, based on the user needs we discovered, we developed and prototyped a large-scale initiative to launch Greyson Farms, an agricultural addition to the Greyson Corporation.

+ Rotman Design Challenge

In collaboration with the Rotman School of Business, we worked with Telus Communications to address the "The Future of Work". Telus proposed the challenge, "How might we attract, retain and develop top talent and be recognized as the best place in the world to work"? We used various methods of user-centered research and ethnography to gather our data.

Raceview Family Campground

The family-owned business, Raceview Family Campground, is facing the challenge of adapting to a changing market. The family agreed to meet with me for a much needed brainstorming session, in order to generate ideas for possible solutions. During this session the participants engaged in constructive lateral thinking exercises, ideation techniques and activities designed to challenge assumptions and bring new ideas to light.

SCAD eLearning


This effort was a design research initiative exploring the collaboration and learning in the digital environment. The goal of this project was to discover the unique needs of SCAD eLearning students, and propose solutions to create more efficacious outcomes. We studied the advantages and disadvantages of asychronous and real-time conversations and exchanges. We also explored trends in digital technology and compared other online MFA/MA programs to SCAD's offering. 

Tour Savannah

Tour Savannah is a design research project, rooted in ethnographic research and Design Management methodology. Through collaboration and co-design with key stakeholders in the tourism industry of Savannah—including the tourists themselves—we were able to discover compelling insights about the needs and wishes of tourists. Then, based on the user needs we discovered, we developed and prototyped a large-scale interactive kiosk and various options for tourism services.

Enabling Collaboration

In collaboration with IBM, Steelcase and SCAD, our multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team explored the connections between the built environment and collaborative success. We were tasked with discovering and designing the ideal space for collaboration between students and industry professionals. Our solution incorporates themes from Steelcase's research on academic spaces, as well as new technology from various fields. 

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